If you do anything consistently for forty days, it changes consciousness.” - Guru Singh

It is often said in Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan: changing a habit takes forty days of consistent focus. In this groovy talk by Guru Singh, he explains the heart's imprinting function on the magnetic iron components of red blood cells. This imprinting, occurring with each heartbeat, tells our physical form, "This is who I am, now."

We know from NES research that the heart's imprinting function is also happening at the QED field level, creating energetic adaptations and realignments based on our interpretation of experiences (consciousness). Energetically, "This is who I am, now" is formed into field structures that ultimately become our 3D mind/body expression. This is yet another way of understanding epigenetics (see Inspiration with Dr. Bruce Lipton).

Cultivating a dedicated practice - even if it's as simple as, I'm going to stop each day at 2pm and have tea - changes your perspective and tunes your vibe to a new frequency. Keep it up and the seeds of change will grow at your command.

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