Quantum biology is changing the way we look at health. As we view the body/mind through 21st-century quantum goggles, we see a highly structured collection of electromagnetic fields and oscillating wave forms, all carrying information, giving rise to the physical manifestation of Us. In NES, we call this highly structured energetic scaffolding the body-field.


The body-field can be thought of as the operating system, supporting all the processing that occurs in the hardware of your body. In perfect alignment, the body-field orchestrates harmonious balance in your body and mind, encouraging the body's own ability to heal and be well.

Energy medicine in its many forms provides new alignment opportunities that promote growth on all levels.



The first ever remote wellness system from NES Health connects clients to practitioners from anywhere in the world. The small, portable scanning devices can be used at home, or taken along on travel.

Clients need a scanning device (see below), a Windows or Mac computer running the NES Health Biosync software, and an internet connection to transmit scans.



There are two options for you to manage your own NES Health experience. Both devices perform scans; the miHealth device has additional functionality.

1. Professional miHealth device - the world-class NES Health miHealth PEMF device. Information sets based on NES's body-field mapping are embedded in friendly frequencies that rejuvenate and restore communication in the body-field. Can be used on- or off-body.

2. Client Remote Scanner - a simple scanning device that plugs into the USB port on a Windows or Mac computer running the NES Desktop software. It's small and portable (about the size of a computer mouse).